A- a girl who is

E- elegant and sweet as a

H- honey

E- even though she’s thin and small she

A- always protect her friends from danger and she’s

R- running fast

T- through out the years

                                                                   by: Ma. Airielle Aeheart R. Zubiri

  • 4 years ago


After the world ended.

Nobody knows when will they be died.

Going to the past is not an option.

I just want to hide from the illusion.

Either way it just give me hesitation.

—- angela

  • 4 years ago

Acroustic Poem

E - everything happens for a reason

I - im a girl who also make mistakes 

A - and I have a life that are full of seasons

M - aking things better and easy to do whatever it takes

A - and loving myself more each day

E - each in every way

- Krisha Villanda

  • 4 years ago


p-ra ying is one of the things we should do everyday

a-nd praying is one of the things we can communicate with god.

t-o us asking god for advice is an honor for

m-ankind because god help us in our daily adventure

by:patricia molina

  • 4 years ago

Acrostic Poem

H-appily waiting and hurriedly

A-nd wants to see you eagerly

N-o one can control my emotion

S-eeing you is my devotion

  - Hansella

  • 4 years ago

Acrostic Poem


K - Kites keep flying in the sky

R - Rose likes to watch those kites fly.

I - I also like to join her in watching those colorful kites.

S - So, next week, we’ll go back to that place where we watch those flying kites!

 - Kristine Esguerra

  • 4 years ago
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Venice Manuel

I - St. Monica

V -ictory awaits so do not be lame

E-ncourage yourselves to do your best

N-ot to lose and be in shame

I-n every fight, challenge or contest

C-ompete fairly and you’ll gain fame

E-xhausted, you’ll have fulfillment as you rest

  • 4 years ago
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Acrostic (2nd quarter)


Joyful and gladness shall fill my day

Endless happiness, I guess

New challenges are just tests

Now I have to think and have something to say

I feel good when I see you happy

Saying that “Happy girls are the prettiest”

Ever since I used to be happy, I feel like I’m pretty

May you also feel happy, because I tell you, IT’S THE BEST.

- Jennise M.

  • 4 years ago
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Acrostic Poem

Reg P.

R- ejects and Regrets mistakes i had made

E- nergetic but not that poetic

G- oes to places where i can’t see peoples faces

P.- owerful outside but sad inside

Regina Paras

  • 4 years ago

Acroustic Poem of imma cruz I- st. monica

In our world 

Man-kind is controlled

Many creatures 

And only one Man can control us which is God.

  • 4 years ago

Acrostic Poem

P- rayers are my weapons when problems arise

A- side from the helps that my family and friends extend

M- any times God always hear my pleas

M- akes me truly feel that God is always with me!

Pamela Magtalas

I- St. Monica

  • 4 years ago
  • 4 years ago
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I always seek God in my life. When i have problems, when i have trials to face. I always do. When problems come to my life, i always pray to God and ask for a sign. I always seek God in my everyday life because i know that when God gives us the answers to our problems, it means that he loves us so much and he doesn’t want us to suffer so hard. He always make sure that we are loved by him. And, I also seek God my life not just because i have problems and i seek for his answers or advices, i also seek God because I want to thank him for all the things that he has given me and all the problems he gave me, without those problems that i faced or will face, i can have more many teachings in life that i could apply in my daily life.

prepared by : Bianca Isabelle V. Carreon

to be submitted to : Mrs. Dizon

I - St. Monica #6

  • 4 years ago

journal writing


  • I seek god in my life whenever I’m down with my problems and confused and i seek him when I’m happy and when i attend the mass to listen to the gospel and homily.

The Hare AND The Tortoise


Once upon a time, a hare went to a pool to quench his thirst. As a matter of chance, he saw a slow-moving tortoise over there and mocked at him. The tortoise felt pinched and challenged the hare for a race.

 The hare accepted the challenge with a smile. The next morning, they   both met at the starting point and the race began. As expected, the hare went far ahead of the tortoise.

After covering more than half of the distance, he started feeling bored. As the tortoise was quite far behind, the hare thought of taking some rest. So he stopped and began eating blades of green grass. Having his had fill, he felt asleep. Nearby, he saw a shady bush and laid down under it.

As for the tortoise, he constantly moved along at his slow pace and overtook the sleeping hare. He reached the destination point and won the race.

When the hare awoke, it was fairly late. He feared that the tortoise might have passed by him. So he ran at a break-neck speed but reaching the destination point, was highly disappointed to find his rival already there as a winner.

This story, therefore, teaches us that, one who moves steadily though slow, is never a looser. That�s why we say, �Slow and steady, wins the race.�

The End..


  • the moral of the story is don’t be boastful and be friendly to others and you must share your talents and teach others what you can do.

by: Ma. Airielle Aeheart R. Zubiri

submitted to: Mrs. Dizon

  • 4 years ago

Why Do You Seek God In Your Life?

I seek God everytime I have problems and everytime I need to make a tough decision :)

By: Veronica Vier C. Mella

  • 4 years ago